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  • Deductibility of Alimony

    Recent changes in family law are rippling across the nation, and may very well affect you and your marriage situation as well. A newly enacted change in the way alimony is handled will be significant in countless divorces, any of which occur after the date of which this modification takes effect--December 31, 2018. Essentially, any divorces finalized after the end of 2018 will lose the ...
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  • Tax Effects of Alimony in New York

    Given the fact that the end of the year is around the corner, divorcing spouses are curious to know, “How does alimony affect my taxes?” Here in New York, we refer (alimony) payments to one’s spouse as spousal support and spousal maintenance respectively. During a separation, the payments are called “spousal maintenance.” Any such payments made after the divorce are called spousal maintenance ...
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  • Spousal Maintenance in New York

    If you are headed toward divorce , you’re going to have a lot of questions, and one specifically: “Will I be ordered to pay spousal support?” or “Will my spouse be ordered to pay alimony?” For starters, we want to explain the difference between spousal support and spousal maintenance in New York, which some states refer to as “alimony.” In New York, spousal support is paid on an as-needed basis ...
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  • Financial Advice for Divorcing Spouses

    Experience has proven to us that if the financial aspects of divorce were less daunting for people, there is a strong possibility that unhappy spouses wouldn’t delay their divorce as much as some of them do. In fact, some spouses will extend their misery for years because they don’t want to confront dividing their marital assets, putting their house on the market , and having to pay spousal ...
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  • Can a Spouse Get Maintenance if They Work?

    If you live on Staten Island and you are headed towards divorce , certainly you’re going to have a lot of questions. What should you do with the house? What will happen to the children (where applicable)? Can the lower-earning spouse be awarded spousal support and maintenance if they have a job? These are all very good questions indeed. For the purpose of this post, we are going to address whether ...
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