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  • How to Prepare for Divorce

    It’s the general consensus that divorce is a stressful and overwhelming event. If you have decided to end your marriage, or if your spouse has made the decision to go your separate ways, you’re probably wondering what first steps you should take to get through this major life transition as painlessly and amicably as possible. We wanted to compile a list of some of our most insightful tips that ...
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  • Social Media & Divorce: What You Need to Know

    The divorce process can be emotionally overwhelming, and it’s only natural to discuss your feelings and challenges with close friends, family, or even co-workers. However, confiding in your best friend over a cup of coffee or bottle of wine is very different than sharing your divorce details with 400 Facebook friends, many of whom are old classmates, co-workers, neighbors, and people you haven’t ...
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  • How Property is Divided in a Staten Island Divorce

    When a Staten Island couple decides to end their marriage, soon they will have to determine how they are going to divide their property and debts. If there was a well-drafted prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, the method of property division will be contained therein. In the absence of a prenuptial agreement, property division can take one of two paths: 1) the couple can collaborate until they ...
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  • Divorce and Beneficiaries: Removing Former Spouses from Policies

    Life after a divorce comes with many challenges, one of which can be determining if your former spouse still is listed as the beneficiary of the life insurance policy or annuity. In the shuffle of divorce, it is easy to lose track of this and neglect to change the designated beneficiary of the life insurance policy. Many states do not require automatic removal of an ex-spouse from a life insurance ...
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  • Financial Advice for Divorcing Spouses

    Experience has proven to us that if the financial aspects of divorce were less daunting for people, there is a strong possibility that unhappy spouses wouldn’t delay their divorce as much as some of them do. In fact, some spouses will extend their misery for years because they don’t want to confront dividing their marital assets, putting their house on the market , and having to pay spousal ...
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  • Should I Keep the House in the Divorce?

    If you’re getting a divorce and you and your spouse own a home, there is a good possibility the marital home is the most valuable asset of your marriage considering the high cost of housing in the area. As of this writing, a modest 3-bedroom Staten Island home can run upwards of $600,000, where that same home would run about $150,000 outside of Buffalo and in many other parts of the country. ...
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