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  • Co-Parenting Through the Holidays

    The holiday season is challenging for any family with small children. There are presents to buy, functions to go to, community events to attend, and countless other responsibilities to meet. These challenges however, can be particularly harrowing for newly divorced parents. Below, we take a look at three quick tips co-parents to keep in mind as they enter the holidays to avoid potential conflicts ...
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  • Navigating Your Parenting Plan

    Many parents who decide to divorce in New York assume they will have to submit to whatever the court decides when it comes to child custody. However, times have changed, and the state of New York now gives most divorcing parents the opportunity to craft their own custody arrangements and have them approved by the court. They do this with a document called a parenting plan. What Is a Parenting ...
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  • Mistakes Parents Make in Child Custody Battles

    For parents entering the divorce process, child custody is often one of the most critical matters they want settled in their favor. However, many parents approach this process with an outdated understanding how the courts now view child custody and often even harm their own efforts with seemingly unrelated behavior. Below, we look at three examples of mistakes many parents don't realize they could ...
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  • Preparing for a "Gray Divorce"

    In recent years, we have seen a rising number of couples in their 50s, their 60s, and beyond filing for divorce. Experts believe there are numerous contributing factors for why this could be (longer lifespans, greater financial independence of women, etc.), but these divorces—often known as "gray divorces"—frequently require added considerations in the courtroom that distinguish them from other ...
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